Time and Work shortcut tricks

Important Info

In this post, we shall discuss about the Time and Work. Lets start with some basic formulas.

Work = Strength X Time
 =>   Strength X Time = Work
=>   (Strength X Time ) / Work = 1   🙂
So, For every Case  

(Strenth X Time) / Work = 1      [ No matter the values]

So, (SxT)/W will be same for all the cases.
 I mean   st/w  =  ST/W
Keep this point in your mind.
Now lets see some more important formulas
  • If Days are Given :

If A can do some work in n days, then he can do 1/n work in One day

  • If Work is Given :

If A can do 1/n work in One day, he can finish it in n days

  • If A is TWICE as good a work man as B, then

The ratio of work done by A and B = 2:1
The ratio of time taken by A and B to finish the work = 1:2 (Please Dont be confused)

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