Tenth Place in Decimals

Tenth Place in Decimals


first place after the decimal point is tenth place which represents how many
tenths are there in a number. Let us take a plane sheet which represents one
whole. Now, divide the sheet into ten equal parts. Each part represents one
tenth of the whole.

It is written as \(\frac{1}{10}\). In the decimal form it is written as 0.1, where the whole number part is zero and the fractional part is \(\frac{1}{10}\).


It is read as zero pint one. So, a
decimal (point) is placed between the whole number and the fractional number. All the numerals after the decimal shows that it is less than a whole.

The number before decimal point is called the integral part
or whole and the number after the decimal is called the decimal part.

Now let us color 3 strips of the tenths sheet.

The colored part is represented as \(\frac{3}{10}\). In the decimal form it is written as 0.3. It is read as zero point three.

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