Syllogism Questions Quickly

About Syllogism

Syllogism is an important chapter in almost every competitive exam. In IBPS PO 2013, there were 5 questions from syllogism. Many candidates face problem in solving these simple questions so I decided to write a detailed tutorial on this chapter.


1) All pigs are animals. Some animals are mammals.

In this example, there are two sub-conditions.

Condition 1 – All pigs are animals. So circle Pig will be covered by circle Animals.
Conditions 2 – Some animals are mammals. This sub-conditions give two situations :-

1) Some pigs are mammals
2) No Pig is mammal.


2) All pigs are animals. All animals are mammals.

This example is bit simple. All pigs are part of category animal and all animals are part of category mammals.

3) Some pigs are animals. All animals are mammals.

In this example there are two conditions. There is no proper order to apply these conditions. Some pigs are animals. All animals are mammals so Animals circle is covered Mammals circle. Conclusion is some but not all pigs are mammals.

In exam, try to make circles for every syllogism question. These questions take hardly 20-30 seconds to solve with this method. This year these type of questions replaced mirror image questions, so never skip these marks rich questions.

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