Shortcut to square any number from (30-79)

Shortcut to square any number from (30-79)

It is always better to have some maths tricks handy when you are planning to take any arithmetic aptitude test either in the competitive exams such as Bank exams,CAT,MAT.
Another easy trick to find square of the numbers between 30 to 79 is to take a common base as 50 and see how far the number is from 50.This method works well when the number is very close to 50.

Easy way to find the square of  number from 30 to 79

Step 1:Find how many more or less the given number is from 50.

Step 2:Add the number to 25 if more than 50 or subtract the number from 25 if less than 50.

Step 3:Then find the square of the number added or subtracted and put next to the result arrived at in step 2.

Let us now apply the trick that we learnt in the example below
Example 1:Find the square of 52 in 5 seconds
Step 1: 52-50=2
           We find 52 is 2 more than 50
 Step 2: Here we notice that the given number is more than 50 so we add 25 as follows
Step 3: Now we find the square  of 2
           putting the result obtained in step 3 next to the result obtained in step 2 after adding a 0 before it as it is a single digit,we get

Ans: (52)2=2704

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