Shortcut to square any number from 100-120

Shortcut to square any number from 100-120

Base method is popularly used to find square of numbers when the numbers are close to a base.By choosing the right base you will arrive at your answer quickly.
So whenever you see 102,101,112,106 it should strike to you immediately .

Hey! this is quite close to 100 so let me take the base as 100 and see if I can get the answer soon.

Here we shall discuss the shortcut method to square any number from 100 to 120 using the base method.

Lets go through the steps now

Step 1:Take 100 as base and see how far the number is from 100.
Add the given number and its deviation.

Lets say you need to square 102.

Here you can notice that the number is 2 more than 100.
Adding the given number(102) and its deviation(2)
we get,


Step 2:Square the deviation(2)and place it next to the result obtained in step 1.
Squaring we get,

Ans 10404

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