Problems Based on Ages shortcut tricks

Important Info

ge, a period of human life measured by years from birth, some people have 15 years, some may have 32 years and some good people like me always have 22 years (of course I am 22 from last 3 years, now don’t ask me how). Generally you may get 3 replies when you tried to know anybody’s age.

They may tell you their true age.
They may tell you some false and standard age (like me).
Or you may return rubbing your cheek with sad face if the answerer was an unknown girl.

But, the people in our competitive exams are lil different. They wont answer any question in direct manner. Instead of it saying a number, they just will say you some fraction or ratio, or just link their age to their relatives’ or friend’s age and ask you to guess their age. Ofcourse it sounds irritating. Usually we give a dirty look at the person and let him / her go in their way. But in exams, we don’t have any other option except finding their real age. So here are some shortcut techniques to made the process of finding ages easier.We shall discuss the tricks with some examples so that you easily can understand them.

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