Geometry Symbols

Geometry Symbols Chart

Let us see the different symbols and their related meanings 

Geometry Symbols Chart


Symbol Name




formed by two rays

∠PQR = 400

measured angle 

Measure between two angles

PQR = 70º


formed by two rays

∠PQR = 60º

Right angle 

Two rays form an angle of 90º

∠PQR = 90º



1 turn = 360º

∠PQR = 60º


1º = 60’

∠PQR = 40º49′


1’ = 60”

∠PQR = 50º49’30”


Line  segment

the line from point A to point B

Line AB with endpoints A and B



infinite line

A line AB infinite in both the directions



The line that starts from point A

A line starting from point A and passing through B infinitely


perpendicular lines (90º angle)


(read as AB perpendicular to AB)


Not perpendicular to

Lines are not perpendicular to each other


AB    (read as BC not perpendicular to AB)

congruent to

equivalence of two triangles


(read as ∆PQR congruent to ∆XYZ) 


parallel lines

AB || CD

(read as AB and CD are parallel lines)

Not parallel to

Non-parallel lines


CD ( read as AB and cd are non-parallel lines)



The shape of the triangle



The shape of any quadrilateral 




same shapes, but not of the same size


(read as a∆ABC is similar to ∆PQR)


pi constant

π = 3.141592654… or 22/7 

is the ratio of circumference to the diameter of a circle

c = πd = 2πr



distance between points x and y

| x–y | = 3



radians angle unit

360° = 2π rad



radians angle unit

360° = 2π c


gradians / gons

grads angle unit

360° = 400 grad


gradians / gons

grads angle unit


3600 = 400g

It is a very important table of geometry symbols, which will prove helpful to you in problem-solving. Memorizing this geometry symbols chart is very vital.

Some More Common Symbols

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Besides the above mentioned there are more common symbols related to geometry.

The above figure is an irregular pentagon, a five-sided polygon.


Let us have a Look at Some Symbols used are

Angles are commonly marked by an arc if it is an acute or obtuse angle or by a half square if it is the right the above figure marks in green color indicates the angles

The alphabets A, B, C, D, and E are the vertices of the shape which can be marked by any alphabets. The intersection of two lines is a vertex.

Tick marks in orange color on the sides of the shape indicates that the two sides are congruent. The sides on which this mark is marked are congruent. Tick marks are also referred to as ‘hatch marks’. For example side, AB is congruent to side DE. And side BC is congruent to side CD.

The angles symbol ‘∠’ is most commonly used to describe any angle. The angle ABC is expressed as ∠ABC. The middle alphabet here is the vertex of the angle. You are describing hence we can also write it as ∠B. And if you want to write a measure of an angle than it is written as m∠ABC or m∠B. Instead of writing the word measure, again and again, we can simply write the word m for it.

For example, we have to show a measure of angle ABC we can write it as 

m∠ABC = 1200


m∠B = 1200

Writing in this way becomes easier while solving problems.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Geometry Applications?

Answer: Geometry is widely used in day to day life. It has many practical uses in our daily life. Geometry is used by architects to design blueprints of their sites. They used different terms like angles, length, width, height, area, and many more. Geometry is also used in CAD computer-aided design. It is widely used in designing computer games. The way in which the characters move through their virtual worlds requires geometric computations. A technique that simulates a 3-D world using a 2-D map is used. Geometry is also used in GPS for locating the exact position. Everything around us is in the form of a particular shape.

2. What are the Benefits of Using Geometry Symbols?

Answer: Geometry symbols are the shorthands used instead of mathematical terms used in geometry. Some of the benefits of geometry symbols are:

  1. It makes quick visualization of any concept when we get acquainted with the symbols.

  2. It can reduce your writing work.

  3. It saves time as we do not have to write the lengthy terms again and again.

  4. It does not create any confusion.

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