Example of Word Formation-Permutation and Combination – Concept and Problems

Example of Word Formation

Example: How many new words can be formed with the word “PATNA”?


In word “PATNA”, P,T,N occurs once and A occurs twice.
****Always remember in word formation, if word repeats, number of repetition will be on denominator.
So, total number of words that can be formed = 5!/ 2! = 60
Therefore, except PATNA there are 59 new words (60-1).

Example: How many words can be formed from the letters of the word “EXAMINATION”?


E, X, M, T, O : Occurs ONCE
A, I, N : Twice
So, total number of words = 11! / 2! 2! 2!
(Total number of letters=11 and 3 letters are occurring twice)

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