Decimals In Daily Life – Use of Decimals In Our Daily Lives

Decimals In Daily Life – Use of Decimals In Our Daily Lives

A decimal is any number from the base-ten number framework. In this unit, we’ll be explicitly focusing on the numbers that have at least one digits to the directly of the point. The decimal point helps in isolating the ones spot from the tenths spot in the number.

In cash, the fact of the matter is utilized to isolate dollars from pennies. When we move to the directly of the point, each number spot is isolated by 10. Along these lines, presently we’ll express the number.



In the decimal structure and the extended structure. The number is 5749100.


Initially, we should compose the blended number in the extended structure = (5 x 10) + ( 7 x 1) + (4 × 110) + (9 × 571100).


Subsequently, the decimal type of this number is ‘57.49’. It is extremely certain that composition the number in a decimal structure is essentially less demanding. Presently, we’ll compose this number in the spot esteem outline to give you a superior comprehension of how the decimals work.


Let’s Start with an Example,

Order the numbers underneath from least to most prominent: 58, 57, and 5749100. As you definitely realize that, 5749100 is a mixed number. It includes a fraction and a whole number. Presently, let us utilize the place value that will enable you to think about these numbers. In this way,


57 = (5 × 10) + (7 × 1)


5749100 = (5 × 10) + (7 × 1) + (4 × 110) + (9 × 1100 )


58 = (5 × 10) + (8 × 1)


Answer: Ordering these numbers from least to most prominent, we get: 57, 5749100, and 58. In any case, that resembles a great deal of composing! Things being what they are, what do we do now? So as to keep away from this circumstance, we can utilize decimals to compose, 5749100.


Value and Decimals 

When you move directly in this spot value chart, each number is divided by 10. For example, thousands are divided by 10 to give you hundreds. This likewise stands valid for the digits that are on the directly of the decimal point. For example, tenths, when divided by 10, give you hundredths. In any case, remember that when you read the decimals, the decimal point must be read as “and”.



Along these lines, if the decimal number is 57.49, it is read as “fifty-seven and forty-nine hundredths.” However, in the everyday life, we read the decimal point as “point” and not “and”. Along these lines, the decimal number 57.49 is perused as “fifty-seven point four nine.” However, this utilization isn’t scientifically right. How about we comprehend this with an example.


Write Each Phrase as a Fraction As Well As a Decimal Number




six tenths



five hundredths



thirty-two hundredths



two hundred sixty-seven thousandths




How Long can a Decimal be? 

A figure can have any number of decimal spots to the directly of the point. Presently, we’ll clarify this with the assistance of a case of the numerical value of Pi. We have abbreviated it to 50 decimal digits. Let’s take a look.


Pi = 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510


Decimal Digits 

In the event that the number is 1.0897, at that point the digits, 0, 8, 9 and 7 are the Decimal Digits. In this way, the digits that are on the directly of the fact are known as the Decimal Digits.


Use of Decimals in our daily lives 

Clearly every typical personally has ten fingers. Since we have ten fingers, our numbering depends on products of ten which is called decimal. Would you be able to envision how life would be unique if every person were brought into the world with eight fingers and not ten? Perhaps our numbering framework would be founded on products of eight. A numbering framework dependent on eight exists and is called octal. Octal numbering is utilized in the background in PC frameworks.


Yet, obviously, in regular day to day existence we use decimal numbers. The possibility of decimal numbering comes to us from the old civic establishments regardless we use the numbering dependent on tens from the Romans. The Roman numeral for ten is X and 20 is XX or multiple times 10. Regardless you see Roman numerals in dates on structures and motion pictures and every year the Super Bowl gets the following Roman number.


Our decimal numbering, utilizing Arabic numerals and not Roman numerals, additionally uses products of 10, so 40 implies multiple times 10. In any case, you definitely realize that! The other intriguing piece of decimals is the way decimals are utilized to speak to portions. Route in 1616, a Scottish mathematician named John Napier recommended that decimal numbering could be used to show parts and he included the decimal point. Numbers to one side of the decimal point would represent entire numbers and numbers on the correct side would show the fragmentary part.


So, the number 1 would be 1.5 in decimal. Hold up a moment, how could we get a 5 for? Since we’re utilizing 10 as the base of decimal, half of 10 meets 5. So also, the division winds up 0.25 and ends up 0.75. The image is somewhat more confounded when you take a gander at 1/3. In the event that you isolate 1 by 3 on your adding machine you get the decimal esteem 0.333 with three filling the screen. That is on the grounds that there is anything but a total identical decimal number for 1/3. You need to see what number of digits to the directly of the decimal point, called the exactness of the decimal number, to use.


Researchers and specialists use decimal numbers all the time in counts. When you ponder propelled science themes in secondary school and school you will realize why the exactness of a decimal number is so vital in figuring.


For you however decimals are simpler to use in number juggling tasks than divisions are. Consider multiplying 1 by 6. It’s simpler to increase 1.75 by 6.5! Truth be told, consider your adding machine. You never see divisions on a mini-computer. When you do calculations on the adding machine, you generally use decimal numbers.


We use decimals consistently while managing cash, weight, length and so forth. Decimal numbers are utilized in circumstances where more exactness is required than the entire numbers can give. For instance, when we compute our load on the gauging machine, we don’t generally discover the load equal to an entire number on the scale. So as to know our correct weight, we should comprehend what the decimal incentive on the scale implies. This segment manages the idea of decimals in three vital fields of our day by day life.

  • Use of Decimal to Represent Money

Cash, cash, cash! There are 100 pennies in a dollar and a half dollar is 50 pennies or .50. Each time you purchase a thing and make change, you are working with decimals. Have you at any point seen what number of costs end in .98 or .99? That is so you believe that the thing costs short of what it does. For instance, which appears less cash 1.99 or 2?


Obviously, 1.99 dollar is less cash by a penny yet when organizations endeavor to motivate you to purchase something, that penny has any kind of effect since you think about what is to one side of the decimal to be progressively essential. So, you will contrast 1 and 2 and that appears to be a major distinction.


Managing decimal numbers is unavoidable when managing cash. As a rule, when we need to change over paisa into rupee. Assume we go to a neighborhood shop to buy 500 gm of turmeric, where, one kg of turmeric costs Rs 51. All in all, what amount of cash would it be a good idea for us to hand over to the businessperson? We isolate Rs 51 by 2 which are equal to 25.5. So as to hand over the definite sum, we should comprehend what 25.5 methods of rupees. Give us a chance to become familiar with this with the help of a basic example.


Example 1: Converting 165 paisa to Re.


As we know, 1 paisa = 1/100 Re

So, 165 paisa = Re 165*1/100 = Re 165/100 = Rs 1.65


Example 2: Converting 450 paisa to Re.


As we know, 1 paisa = Re 1/100

So, 450 paisa = 450*1/100 = Rs 450/100 = Rs 4.50 = Rs 4 and 50 paisa.

  • Use of Decimal to Represent the Length

While estimating the length of a thing, it isn’t fundamental that the length of an item is several of the given graduation. For instance, while estimating the length of a table with a meter scale, the length may not be an entire number; it might lie between two graduations on the meter scale. In such circumstances, the decimal numbers are utilized. 


Investigate the vehicle’s odometer; the miles on it are constantly seemed decimal too. Talking about vehicles and mileage, have your people anytime utilized Map Quest to get headings? All mileage in this standard course are seemed decimal too.


From Conversion of units, we know

1 km = 100 m 

1 m = 100 cm 

1 cm = 10 mm


Presently, let the length of the table best be 2 m and 75 cm, and after that it tends to be spoken to as (2+ 75/100) m.


Example 4: Converting 276 cm into meters.

As we probably are aware, 100 cm = 1 m

Along these lines, 1 cm = 1/100 m

276 cm = 276 * 1/100 m = 276/100 m = 2.76 m

  • Use of Decimal to Speak to Weight

We use decimal numbers while managing weight. For instance, when we are purchasing a watermelon, it can’t generally say something entire numbers, it very well may be under 2 kg however more than 1kg. In such circumstances, the retailer needs to compute the amount to charge for a watermelon, in light of its weight. As we probably are aware,

1 kg = 1000 gm 

1 gm = 1000 mg


Presently assume it is 1kg and 750 gm. At that point, he will charge according to the cost of 1kg + (750/1000) kg of the watermelon. We will become familiar with the transformation of load into decimal in the accompanying precedents:


Example 7: Converting 250 gm to kg

As we probably are aware, 1000 gm = 1 kg

In this way, 1 gm = 1/1000 kg

250 gm = 250 * 1/1000 kg = 250/1000 kg = 0.250 kg


Numerous people use decimals consistently when they manage cash. Decimals are likewise usually found on gas siphons and on a vehicle’s odometer. Every one of these employments of decimals are an approach to prove a small amount of an entire unit, such as, a dollar or gallon of fuel.


Each time somebody purchases a thing and makes change, they are working with decimals. Moreover, many stores value things at 1.99,or comparative, in light of the fact that 1.99 appears less cash than $2. This is on the grounds that people think about the number on the left half of the decimal to be increasingly imperative.


Decimal numbering, which is numbering dependent on sets of 10, originated from antiquated human advancements, such as, the Romans’. Today Arabic numerals are all the more normally used then Roman numerals, yet regardless they use decimal numbering. In 1616, John Napier, a Scottish mathematician, proposed that decimal numbering could be used to speak to portions if a decimal point were included. Numbers on the left half of the point would be entire numbers, and those on the privilege would show the part. To figure out what decimal numbers speak to the part, the best number of the part is isolated by the base number. This implies one-half winds up 0.5, and one-quarter ends up 0.25.

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