Data Sufficiency questions and answers

Data Sufficiency questions and answers

Question 1. How many people are there in the plain ?
Statement I : 25% passengers are women and 35% are children.
Statement II : There are 24 men in the plain


From Statement I we can conclude that there are 40% men in the plain but we can’t find the exact number of passengers
From Statement two  : Number of men passengers = 24
By combining both the statements we get, total number of passengers = 24 * 100/40 = ( you don’t need to calculate the answer )
Hence answer is C
Question 2. What is the difference between monthly income of Ram and Chaaru
Statement I : Ram earns Rs 6000 less than Shaam
Statement II : Chaaru earns Rs 6000 more than Shaam.

Answer :

In this question we don’t need to in depth. Simply there is difference of Rs 12000
Question 3. Is x divisible by 28 ?
Statement I : x is divisible by 20
Statement II : x is divisible by 84


Using statement I – x is divisible by 4 and 5
Using statement II – x is divisible by 3,4, and 7.
By using both statements we can conclude that x is divisible by 28 ( 4*7), hence answer is C.
Question 4. P,Q,R,S and T are five friends. Their mean age is 18. What is the age of R ?
Statement I : P’s age is 18
Statement II : Q’s age is 2 years less than T and T’s age is 6 years less than S.
Statement III : R’s age is 6 years more than B’s age and 4 years more than T’s age.

Answer :

P+Q+R+S+T = 90
From Statement I : Q+R+S+T = 72
From Statement II : Q = T – 2 and T=S – 6
So S = T + 6
Statement III : R = Q+6 and R = T + 4

Age of every friend can be defined in terms of T’s age by using all three statements. So  we can reach the answer using all three statements. Hence answer is C.

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