Bar Diagrams

Bar Diagrams

The Bar Diagram is the basic model of the Data Interpretation Problems. The bar diagram is a two dimensional graphic representation where the elementary graphic objects are a set of rectangles or bars drawn in parallel so that the extension of the same is proportional to the magnitude they intend to represent.

Here the rectangles, or bars, can be either horizontally or vertically positioned.
If only one bar is given in the graph, then  that diagram is called a simple bar diagram. 
Have a look at the Following bar diagram. It  gives us the information of the production of a company in various years.

Now lets have a look at a problem based on this Simple Bar diagram.
What is the average production of the company over the years ? (followed by some options)
Now just find out the average of the production.

So here, 333 is the answer. ( Remember, here you should add all the terms mentally and put that 2000 on paper and then divided that with 6.

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